Since 2006…

Community Disposal was founded based on the same principles that still guide us today. Provide top-notch, honest, and reliable service to our customers, and the results will speak for themselves. We discovered other companies failed to meet the specific needs of individual communities. Instead they offered one-size-fits-all garbage programs and a "take it or leave it" attitude. So with that in mind Community Disposal began providing a better alternative. We foster a relationship with our customers and strive to provide services based on their needs, not ours.

Company History

Community Disposal was founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2006. What started out as a simple pickup truck and trailer quickly grew into a City of Jacksonville Solid Waste Franchise that began offering a variety of waste services in the greater Jacksonville area. The majority of our growth was based on repeat customers asking for our services at more and more properties. In 2010 the company outgrew its location on the south-side of Jacksonville and moved into its current location just north of downtown Jacksonville. With an eye on the future and continued growth, Community Disposal continues to foster the relationships built over the previous years, as well as introducing our unique waste solutions to new customers.