Since 2006, Community Disposal has been proud to offer a myriad of options to suit your waste disposal needs. From Bulk Waste to Recycling and more, Community Disposal has you covered. 


Compactor Service

Compactors are a great way to efficiently and cost effectively handle large amounts of waste. Community Disposal is proud to offer this service, whether with our own meticulously maintained compactors or your own. We have found that this option also helps to alleviate issues with unwanted pests and odors that may become problematic with traditional dumpsters.  Always thinking of you first, we do all of this with no added fuel surcharges, hidden costs or surprise charges. 

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Residential solid waste disposal and recycling

Curbside Pickup? Absolutely! We are thrilled to offer traditional curbside trash service for those who reside in apartment, townhome and condominium communities. No matter whether a standard City of Jacksonville, Florida approved can size or not, we are here to help! We are proud to be one of the few companies in Jacksonville, Florida that offer a recycling program with our residential solid waste disposal. Whether at the Beaches or in Brooklyn, we are ready to assist with your recycling needs. 


MAINTENANCE and bulk item removal

We understand how hard it is to keep your communities looking their best. That is why from the very start, we have offered our services to help maintain your property. Litter removal, common area bathroom cleaning and upkeep, pet waste removal and pet waste station upkeep are just some of what we do to keep your residents thrilled and your occupancy high. With our bulk item removal services, unslightly couches, mattresses and other household items will be a thing of the past. Enjoy 5 star ratings with our experienced team of professionals.